The Neighbourhood

Mountainous Nafpaktia… Here is the journey.

Where Pindos ends, begin the Kravara of the older ones, Orini Nafpaktia.
Its villages, nestled at the top of imposing mountains, follow the path opened by the cosmopolitan, now, Ano Chora and deservedly claim a place in the most popular winter destinations.

Ano Chora

The most beautiful of the villages of Orini Nafpaktia, Ano Chora is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters on the slope of Korakas, an eye-catcher, which are filled with the red of the tiled roofs and the beauty of the stone cobbled streets. The courtyards and neighborhoods of the village follow each other, reaching the square with the church and the shops, the stone fountains and the paved road. Here you will also find the legendary Carnival, the bus that until the 80’s operated the route Nafpaktos-Ano Chora-Kato Chora.

The paths

An extensive network of trails connects the villages with each other, passing through gorges and mountain peaks with dense forests or over bridges that remind of Epirus and remind us that we are in Pindos. One of the most passable paths is the one that connects Ano and Kato Chora (about an hour and a half) as well as the path of Iraklis, which connects Ano Chora with Ambelakiotissa passing through the gorge of Kakavos.