The Restaurant

The hotel Oreades Suites, has invested in authentic Greek cuisine offering a variety of local products, local fruits and vegetables.
The hotel also aims to attract the interest of visitors, by introducing in its menu their own homemade recipes. The choice of sweets also fascinates you,

One of the most basic services a hotel can offer is a rich breakfast. Its benefits contribute to the overall experience of its visitors, aiming at their satisfaction and comfort. For the traveler, breakfast is an opportunity to learn more about the gastronomic heritage of a place.

A’ la carte breakfast

Our guests start their new day in the perfect way with the best rich and tasty products from our offering. Our breakfast covers all the nutritional needs of our organization to have a strong and full day.

In restaurant Oreades suites, a warm beautiful place where stone and wood coexist harmoniously, the lit fireplace, the view of nature and our recipes will impress you.

We offer lunch and dinner for all guests with unbeatable flavors and prices. All dishes are with local and pure ingredients.