The Hotel

Our guesthouse “Oreades Suites” is located in Orini Nafpaktia and specifically in Ano Chora of the Municipality of Nafpaktia, at a distance of only 55km from Nafpaktos.

Megali Lombotina of Mountainous Nafpaktia, today’s Ano Chora of Nafpaktia province, is surrounded by firs and chestnuts at 1050 meters altitude. It is an ideal destination in both winter and summer as in winter for a long time dressed in white revealing its enchanting beauty through the snowy landscapes, while in summer the green nature creates an idyllic cool landscape full of vivid colors and rich images.

All this is reflected in the name of our hostel “Oreades Suites”. In Greek mythology with the collective name Oreades were known the beautiful Nymphs who lived in the mountains (mountains) and protected them. The worship of the Oreads was usually performed in caves. Mountains Nymphs mentioned in mythology were Oinoni (on Mount Ida of Troy), Vritomartis, Echo, Kyllini, Kynosyra, Pity, etc. The Oreades were associated with the goddess Artemis, as when the goddess hunted she preferred the green mountains and the mountain forests.

In Ano Chora, in the mountainous Nafpaktia, you will find the hotel Oreades  suites, in a quiet location among the fir trees, the Oreades hotel has 6 suites of 60sqm each with an unobtrusive view to the mountain.
The hotel has an outdoor pool to enjoy your bath as well as a restaurant which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with delicious suggestions for every guest.
Also in the surrounding area opposite the Oreades suites there are cots for activities of our little friends

If you are friends of mountaineering, you will aim to conquer the Tsakalaki peak, one hour climb from Ano Chora, or the Tsekoura peak, one and a half hours from Ambelakiotissa. From Grammeni Oxia, starting from the mountain refuge, you will ascend to the top of Sarandaina in about an hour and a half. If you are a fan of mountain biking, three paths around Ano Chora will excite you: “Babis to delafaki” climbs from Ano Chora to the 1400 meters altitude through a spruce-covered route. “Xantia Fox” is the most famous mountain bike path with passages, bridges and ramps. Finally, the “Bad Wolf” leads from Ano Chora to the gorge of Kakkavos passing through a ravine.